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Wolf & Wilderness

The ORIGINAL 6 day trip to Mission:Wolf followed by the Great Sand Dunes!
Dates: TBA
Location: Mission:Wolf near Westcliff, Great Sand Dunes
Who: Minimum grade level 4th and up
Cost: TBD
Wolf & Wilderness Itinerary

A long-time favorite since 1995, this week is the perfect experience for budding wildlife biologists, veterinarians and geologists. We start out at Mission:Wolf, an education center and peaceful wolf sanctuary located in the Wet Valley near Westcliff Colorado. M:W is home to over 30 wolves living with their pack-mates in secure enclosures. During our stay we will observe the wolves in natural habitat, assist the volunteers in their wolf care-taking responsibilities, learn about wolf biology and participate in meaningful service projects. Our friend Kent Weber, Executive Director, will share his expertise about wolves, reintroduction issues and the importance of large predators in our ecosystems. We’ll meet the ambassador wolves and learn the differences between these animals and our beloved domestic companions. The howling of these wolves will surely serenade us in the wee morning hours and perhaps lull us to sleep at night. The time will come to leave the mountain meadows of Mission:Wolf and travel to the high desert of the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve. A hike down the Mosca Pass Trail will give way to the sweeping San Luis Valley and the magnificent sand dunes arching high against the rugged Sangre de Cristo Mountains. We end the week scrambling to the top of the tallest sand dune in North America and frolicking in Medano Creek where we witness the effects of shifting wind, water and sand. A ranger-led hands-on talk will highlight the unique animals and plants that have adapted to this austere and beautiful land. Get ready for an exciting week of learning, fun and new friends!